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AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference Goes Virtual

The in-person AASHTO 2020 Joint Policy Conference has been postponed to next year as a result of COVID-19. AASHTO staff and the planning committee are identifying new dates for an in-person program in 2021.

In the meantime, we are excited to announce that a 2020 virtual program is under development with the help of AASHTO members, staff, and partners. From September 28-October 2, we are scheduling peer exchanges and technical sessions designed to address the most pressing policy issues facing state DOTs. Several policy committees (including the Committee on Planning, Special Committee on Freight, Committee on Transportation System Security & Resilience, and Council on Active Transportation) will also be meeting within and amongst each other, making this virtual event a true interactive exchange.

Additional details are forthcoming. Please check for announcements on


Final Program: Click here

Meeting Presentations:

CTSSR and Subcommittee on Risk Management Joint Session

Relationship between Risk and Resilience: An AASHTO and DOT Perspective

  • Jean Wallace, Subcommittee on Risk Management, Minnesota DOT
  • Travis McGrathIdaho DOT
  • Presentation: Click here

Panel Discussion on Addressing Risk and Resilience in State DOT TAMPs

  • Moderator: Martin Kidner, Wyoming DOT
  • Nathan Lee, Utah DOT
  • Chris Berrens, Minnesota DOT
  • William Johnson, Colorado DOT
  • Presentation: Click here

Panel Discussion on Infrastructure Failure

  • Moderator: Jim Pappas, Delaware DOT
  • John Scrivani, Virginia DOT (invited)
  • Chad Ray, Colorado DOT
  • Tracey Frost, California DOT
  • Presentation: Click here

Committee on Transportation System Security and Resilience

Subcommittee on Policy and Rulemaking

  • Moderator: Tim Sexton, Minnesota DOT
  • Douglas Briggs, Chief, Highways for National Defense
  • Melissa Savage and Pat Zelinski,
  • Presentation: Click here

Subcommittee on Professional Development and Communications

  • Moderators: Jim Pappas, Delaware DOT and Natalie Best, District of Columbia DOT
  • Presentation: Click here

Panel Session on Security

  • Moderator: John Himmel, Washington State DOT
  • Neal Murphy, Idaho DOT
  • David Cooper, TSA
  • David Fletcher, GPC, Inc.
  • Presentation: Click here

Subcommittee on Research

  • Moderating: Tim Sexton, Subcommittee Chair, Minnesota DOT
  • David Fletcher, GPC, Inc.
  • Mike Meyer, WSP
  • Presentation: Click here

Safety and Security of Bridges and Tunnels

Subcommittee on Technical Services

  • Patrick Cowley, Utah DOT
  • Presentation: Click here

Business Meeting

2018 CTSSR-CPBM Annual Meeting  | July 11-13, 2018 San Diego California

2017 SCOTSEM & SCOHT Annual Meeting | July 30 – August 03 Houston, Texas


The 2017 SCOTSEM Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the AASHTO Subcommittee on Highway Transport (SCOHT) and TRB Critical Infrastructure Committee (ABR 10) in Houston, Texas, Sunday, July 30-Thursday, August 3.  The agenda, a meeting summary, and select presentations are available below.

Agenda:  2017 SCOTSEM Agenda

Sunday, July 30

SCOTSEM New Member Orientation

Monday, July 31

Plenary Session-Agenda

AASHTO Committee on Transportation Systems Security and Resilience | Michael Lewis, Colorado DOT, Chair, TSSR

AASHTO Resilient and Sustainable Transportation Systems Technical Service Program | Melissa Savage, AASHTO

National Operation Center of Excellence Update | Doug Wiersig, Director of Transportation and Public Works, City of Fort Worth, Texas

Energy and the Supply Chain | Maria Burns, University of Houston

TRB Update | Neil Pederson, Executive Director, TRB

FHWA Update | Jeff King, FHWA

Department of Homeland Security Update | Nancy Pomerleau, DHS

U.S. DOT Update | Mike Lowder, U.S. DOT

ESF-1/NRP Briefing and Update | Derial Bivens, USDOT

National Cooerative Highway Research Program Update | Stephan Parker, TRB

Tuesday, August 01

Traffic Incident Management | Joey Sagal, Maryland DOT; Chris Engelbrecht, Missouri DOT

The 2017 Inauguration and the January 21, 2017 Women’s March, Emergency Management and Transportation Perspectives | Natalie Jones Best, Emergency Preparedness and Risk Manager, District DOT

Protecting Infrastructure and Your Organization from Cyber-Attack | Joshua Stemp, Senior Systems Analyst, Idaho DOT

Latest in Emergency Response Communication | Dia Gainor, Executive Director, National Association of State EMS Officials (NASEMSO)

Wrong Way Driving | Andy Murray, Arizona DOT

Traffic Incident Management Cost Effectiveness | Kim Campbell, Arizona DOT

Resilience Guidelines at Port Authority of New York and New Jersey | Joshua DeFloria, PANYNJ

FEMA Transportation, Movement Control, and Manufactured Housing Units Lessons Learned | Michael Frego, FEMA

Wednesday, August 02

Thursday, August 03

SCOTSEM Workshop Incident Command System Train the Trainer

AASHTO Liaisons
Melissa Savage
Director, Center for Environmental Excellence

Patrick Zelinski
Associate Program Manager